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Boss Christmas Gift Ideas

Boss Christmas Gift Ideas, – Giving gifts to superiors is different from friends or family. This is because the boss is a person that you must respect when you are in the office, so as not to create the impression of seeking attention or a bribe. For this reason, before deciding to give a gift to your boss, you should look for interest and his favorite, so that the gifts given match.

So, for those of you who are still confused about what gift to give, here we summarize 6 Christmas gift ideas for boss, including:

Here comes the Boss Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Create Videos
Video is a medium that is suitable for expressing feelings. How about you get your coworkers together and make a testimonial video that includes the impressions of all employees when your boss became the boss?

To make it even more fun, you and your friends can also share the funniest and most unforgettable moments with your boss. Insert also the messages that motivate your boss to know that you and your friends are paying attention. It will be more fun if you also add your boss’ favorite song in the background.

2. Make a photo together
Maybe at one time, you and all your office colleagues, including your boss, spent time together and captured the moment. Why not print it and frame the photo in a unique frame?

If possible, you can also print candid photos that show the cool side of your boss when he was the boss. Voila, this simple gift will do the trick reminiscing about the times we spent together at work.

It will be more unique if the photo you make is in the form of a custom cartoon portrait where a photo of you together with your boss and co-workers is made into it. cute cartoon style. You can use the services of a custom cartoon portrait maker at Try! you will like it and your boss will be very impressed.

Boss Christmas Gift Ideas
Custom Anime Portrait by

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3. Exclusive and quality watches
Its usefulness for business workers need not be questioned. For a fairly high price, you can get around this with money shared from other colleagues. Choose a good quality watch and there’s nothing wrong with paying attention to the design that you think is the coolest because this gift can also help your boss stand out more okay.

4. Christmas accessories
You can make Christmas accessories as gifts for your boss or co-workers. You can also buy these accessories to be used as celebratory knick-knacks their Christmas. For example, Christmas tree baubles, lights, stars, bells, Santa hats and Christmas stockings.

5. Coffee Maker
A Christmas present for a boss who is a coffee fan is a coffee maker. This gift will definitely be very useful and useful for him.

6. Exclusive Pen (Engraved Name and Box)
One of the Christmas gifts for your boss that you can choose is an exclusive pen with engraved name and box. This pen is not like the usual pen sold in market, lol! This pen is very personal because you can engrave your boss’s name on the pen. In addition, this pen also has a box or box which makes it look more classy and luxurious.

That’s a Boss Christmas Gift Ideas, how about it, have you found the plan? Hope it helps

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