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children’s book watercolor illustrations


This is whatI love the most, children’s book watercolor illustrations !

Lets make your awesome book! Creating an entire book can be a long process, and the illustration component is one of the most important parts.
My style has a perfect fit, doing cute and expressive characters and scenes!
Playing with images and text is we speciality, and with your story, we most definitely bring this book to life!

How do we work?

– Let’s talk about your request. Is important here to have a clear brief of what you want. Important considerations about request:
1 Brief.
2. Medium: Print or Digital.

– After that, we can make the first sketches to see if you like it or if it is what you were looking for.
– The third step, is to add color!
– Finally, you can see the finish illustrations and have the last round of feedback!


children’s book watercolor illustrations

one page illustration
Max. 3 figures
Include source file
Printable resolution file
Add background/scene
Include colors in illustration


About children’s book watercolor illustrations

Children’s books illustrations play a crucial role in engaging and entertaining young readers. The illustrations in a children’s book can bring the story to life, enhance the reader’s imagination, and leave a lasting impression. Illustrations have the power to capture a child’s attention, fuel their creativity, and inspire them to explore new worlds.

The importance of illustrations in children’s books cannot be overstated. Children are visual learners and rely heavily on images to understand and connect with a story. Illustrations help young readers to better comprehend the plot, characters, and emotions in a book. They can also help to reinforce a lesson or moral, making the book a valuable educational tool.

Illustrations can also help to make a book more memorable. When a child can associate a story with a specific image, it can create a lasting impression and encourage the child to revisit the book time and time again. For example, who can forget the image of the caterpillar munching through various foods in Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”? That image has become iconic and is instantly recognizable to generations of readers.

Furthermore, illustrations can also serve as a gateway to other forms of art. The bright colors, whimsical characters, and imaginative worlds portrayed in children’s book illustrations can inspire a child’s creativity and encourage them to explore different mediums, such as drawing, painting, and sculpture.

In conclusion, illustrations are an essential component of children’s books. They bring stories to life, enhance the reading experience, and inspire young readers to explore new worlds. The impact of illustrations in children’s books can be profound and long-lasting, making them an indispensable part of any great children’s book. Parents, teachers, and authors alike should pay close attention to the illustrations in children’s books to ensure that they are engaging, inspiring, and memorable.

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