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Custom Gift Drawing Manga Cosplay

Step By Step Drawing Manga For Beginner Until Becoming A Manga Artist

Custom Gift Drawing Manga Cosplay, – Whether you draw manga for being a manga artist or just a hobby, you need to learn the techniques of how to do it. For sure, when you do it in a professional field, then there should be more responsibility to master drawing manga.

There are many techniques to be used to draw manga. Remember that these techniques are different from drawing realistic. When someone is intending to learn how to draw manga, he should firstly learn some basic techniques.

Drawing Manga For Beginners

Custom Gift Drawing Manga Cosplay
Custom Gift Drawing Manga Cosplay by

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When we see pictures in Japanese comics, it means that we are seeing manga. Now, drawing manga for beginners basically consist of some techniques mention below:

1. Line

The very basic step of drawing manga is making a line. Yup, before moving to the next steps, you must be able to make lines smoothly. Try to make lines in all directions. For instance drawing from right to left. Up, down, curved, vertical, horizontal, etcetera.

Remember that drawing manga line art is not like other pictures. So, what you have to do is practice drawing lines until your hands easily make the unbroken lines.

2. Basic Shape

After you can smoothly draw any kind of line, you may go to the next step, which is drawing basic shapes. The basic shapes are circle, square, and triangle. Later, these geometric basic shapes will help drawing manga characters in the story.

The appropriate basic shape used in manga artists drawing other characters certainly livens up the story. The soul which is perfectly described will bring the reader to enjoy and feel the story as if it is in real life..

3. Head Sketch

Shaping the head proportionally, basically, there should be grid lines to help you draw the proper parts of the face. The first step is to draw a circle on the grid made before. Then shape the fang, chin, and ears.

4. Eyebrows, Eyes, Nose, Mouth

The grid also functioned to put the eyes and eyebrows at the place they should be. The grid itself, later on, will be erased when you finally draw the outline of the picture. In drawing manga eyes, it should be pointed out the principle of drawing the eyes.

Since the eyes of manga are one of the most important things to draw in the characters, then the artist should master it. Drawing manga faces perfectly matches with the beautiful shiny eyes.

5. Drawing Hair

In manga drawing art, drawing hair is one of the most exciting parts besides the eyes. Why, because it needs more detailed line art. Just do it naturally, though it needs quite a detailed line, you don’t need to draw the hair until every strand of hair.

6. Neck, Shoulder

The next step after drawing the hair is to make the neck and shoulder. In drawing manga, the neck of a man is wider than a woman. Since drawing a wider neck makes the picture look so manly. While a narrower neck impresses the feminine side of a woman.

7. Unique Clothes

After drawing the face and body, it’s time to draw the clothes. Clothes should be drawn in unique styles. It is done to give an excellent storyline. Give the soul and give the reader the best reading experience.

8. Draw The Outline

Outline in manga drawn to emphasize the picture. Whether it is to show that the picture is strong or not. When the picture is describing a strong object, then the outline is using a thick line. While describing delicate objects, you can use a thin line.

Also, try to practice drawing manga panels based on their type. Manga panels are divided into two types, Shonen and Shoujo. Shonen is aimed at men readers, while Shoujo is for women because the genre of the story is romantic.

Nowadays, practicing the Shoujo genre is by drawing manga saikyou. For better results in drawing manga, it is better for you to have a manga drawing art set. Everything in the manga is available in this art set.

Who is the best manga drawing artist in the world? Maikoto, Junji Ito, Asano Inio. The three of them and their works are Vinland Saga, Uzumaki, and One Punch Man. You can also find some other manga artists and check this out.

Custom Gift Drawing Manga Cosplay

You can find 20 female drawing artist manga girls here. Manga artist drawing must be appreciated because it is not easy to draw manga. If you want to be one of them, then you have to practice every day.

Don’t hesitate to show your works and ask for suggestions from some experts. Later on, if you seriously practice and pursue drawing manga, trust yourself that drawing manga speed art is not difficult anymore.

Learn from a manga drawing art book, you can easily find it everywhere. Learn the techniques from videos that are available on many platforms. It is much better for you to have a teacher to directly teach you to be an anime drawing manga artist.

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