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Why did Eren start rumbling?

Why did Eren start rumbling, – “Attack on Titan” is a popular manga and anime series that has captivated audiences. With its gripping story, complex characters, and epic battles. The series centres around the struggle of humanity against the Titans. Giant humanoid creatures that devour humans for no apparent reason.

The motivations and actions of the characters become increasingly complex, none more so than the protagonist, Eren Yeager. In the final season of the anime, Eren initiates a catastrophic event known as the “Rumbling”. In which he uses the power of the Titans to destroy the entire world outside of Paradis Island. But why did Eren start the rumbling?

What was Eren’s motivation to start rumbling?

Eren’s motivation for the rumbling is rooted in his desire to protect the people of Paradis Island. Who he sees as the only people he can trust and care for. Throughout the series, Paradis Island has been under threat from the outside world. Various nations seek to invade and destroy the island due to their fear and distrust of the Eldian people who reside there.

As a member of the Eldian people, Eren has experienced firsthand the persecution and suffering they have endured. And he feels a deep sense of responsibility to protect them. Eren’s determination to protect his people is further fueled by the memory of his father. Who seeks to protect him by giving him the power of the Titans.

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The form of Eren’s responsibility to his people

As Eren becomes more aware of the true nature of the world and the suffering of his people. He realizes that the only way to truly protect them is to eliminate the threat from the outside world. He believed that the rest of humanity would never accept the Eldians and would always try to destroy them. The only way to guarantee his people’s survival is to eradicate the rest of humanity before they can eradicate them.

The decision to start the rumbling is not an easy one for Eren. He understands the disastrous consequences of his actions, however, he sees no other option to protect his people. He becomes increasingly isolated and tormented by the weight of his responsibility, and his actions lead him to be seen as a monster by many of his former allies.

In the end, the rumbling results in widespread destruction and loss of life, leaving Eren to grapple with the moral implications of his actions. The story of Eren and the rumbling is a complex exploration of the nature of power, responsibility, and the lengths one will go to protect those they love.

Eren start rumbling
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