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10 Cute Newborn Baby Gift Ideas for New Parents

10 Cute Newborn Baby Gift Ideas for New Parents, – Has any of your closest friends just given birth? If so, of course we need to congratulate them by giving gifts for their newborn babies. However,
Not all children’s gifts are suitable for you to give.

Instead of being confused about having to give a gift for your friend’s child, calm down, this time we have some gift ideas for newborns that you can give. Check out the following.


10 Cute Newborn Baby Gift Ideas for New Parents

1. Baby blanket
Newborns are more prone to colds, so they are more susceptible to colds. Therefore, we must prepare a special warm blanket for babies. Well, you can make a blanket as a gift idea for the right newborn baby, you know. However, make sure you provide a blanket with soft and safe materials for babies

2. Car Seat
The car seat is one of the most useful equipment for babies. Because baby if brought traveling by car will be safer if it is in a car seat.

3. Playmat
Baby playmats will be needed by babies when playing. This gift for this baby is also still needed throughout the little one’s growth period.

4. Personalized baby cartoon photo
This one option may be the most unique, you can make baby photos in cute cartoons. If you want to try it, you can order it on the website which can personalize baby portraits into any cartoon style. if you are interested you can directly click here

10 Cute Newborn Baby Gift Ideas for New Parents
Custom cartoon portrait by

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5. Baby Stroller
Stroller can also be the right choice as a gift for babies. This is very useful when the baby is invited to walk out of the house without having to struggle, and keep your little one comfortable.

6. Baby Toiletries
Baby toiletries are the most practical gift option as a gift choice for babies. You can give a gift in the form of a bath with a few additions, such as baby shampoo, baby soap that is suitable for baby’s skin which is still very sensitive.

You can also add soft washcloths, baby towels, and toys to entertain the baby while bathing (such as small rubber ducks) as the contents of the tub.

7. Tableware
Did you know that babies also have to use special eating utensils, you know. You can give a set of bottles, such as milk bottles with pacifiers, water bottles, to a special one for storing breast milk stock.

8. Cutlery Sterilizer
Newborn babies will be very sensitive to viruses or bacteria around them. For that, we must always maintain the cleanliness of every item that the little one uses. You can give a baby food sterilizer as a gift. Sterilizers can help kill viruses or bacteria that are on baby eating utensils, such as bottles milk, bottle brush, pacifier, and others.

Usually, the sterilizer has a cover, a heater, and a UV light to disinfect all eating utensils before being used by the baby.

9. Baby Room Decoration
Giving gifts for nursery decorations can be a fun gift idea for newborns. Some examples of choices of items that you can try, such as photo frames, wall stickers, nursery lighting, rugs and carpets, curtains, and others.

10. Baby Skin Care Products
You can gift a set of baby skin care products, which includes baby body lotion, massage oil, diaper rash cream, and baby sunscreen.

Those are 10 Cute Newborn Baby Gift Ideas for New Parents that you can give when you visit them. Surely every gift you give can be useful for the baby.

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