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13 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

13 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Men, gantstudio – Giving gifts for boys, be it boyfriend or husband on special moments such as birthdays and anniversaries, has become a mandatory tradition for couples. Aside from being an expression of affection, gifting a partner can also connect each other.

Men are generally interested in something that can be used or useful. Usually the typical man doesn’t pay much attention to the brand or brand the brand of an item, the important thing is that the item can be used.

Plus, if you give them a birthday gift in the form of items related to their hobbies, they will certainly be happier. following some gift recommendations for guys that can be an option.

13 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Men, here we go!

1. Hat
Not a few men who like to wear a hat wherever he goes. If your male friend is also a fan of hats, you can give him a fashionable and trendy hat so that she looks more and more charming. Of course he can wear a special hat from you for various activities, whether it’s to school, college, work, sports, or just take a walk with you. There are several types of hats that you can choose from.

2. Sneakers
Sneakers are one of the interesting gift choices to give to men. Because apart from being easy to find, they are also useful because they can be used everyday to accompany him in his activities.

3. Camera
Even if you can afford it and the guy is a photographer, you don’t have to buy him a professional camera either. You just buy him a practical camera option which can be worn while relaxing. Call it an instant camera or an action cam that can be carried around easily. If you really want to go up a class a little, you can give a boy it’s a mirrorless camera.

4. Create Animated Photo

Customizing your friend’s photo in their favorite anime or cartoon character will be the next unique gift. You can order it on a custom cartoon portrait maker site like It’s quite easy, you just need to send your friend’s photo and choose your friend’s favorite character, so you’re ready to give a birthday gift to your friend. If you want to try it please click here

13 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Men
custom anime portrait by

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5. Favorite Action Figure
Well, this one idea is perfect if your boyfriend is a fan of Japanese anime or other animated films. Giving action figures as gifts Birthdays will certainly make them feel like the luckiest people in the world! Especially if what you give is a unique action figure of your favorite character your best friend, of which there are only a few fruits in the world! Guaranteed, he will not forget this birthday for the rest of his life!

But you need to remember, the price of action figures can be very expensive, especially those that are unique and limited in number. Therefore, you must carefully consider the budget that you have you have. In addition, you should also consider the action figure collection that your best friend already has.

Choose which one is more fun, buy a new figure that he doesn’t have, or buy a character figure from his favorite anime or movie collection. to make the collection more complete.

6. Coffee Maker
For men, coffee is an inseparable part of life. Imagine how happy your male best friend will be when you give him a birthday present in the form of a coffee maker. Surely he will love you more, right? Having their own coffeemaker makes men no longer need to spend a lot of pocket money just to just enjoy the original coffee at the coffee shop.

7. Watches
Cool guys will definitely be on time. Therefore, watches must be a mandatory accessory for a guy. You can give a watch as a gift for a boy too, how come, you do it on his special day. You can give many choices, such as watches with leather or rubber straps.

8. Acoustic guitar
Guys and guitars are also a minimal pair, you know. There’s nothing wrong with a guitar as a gift for a guy on his special day, especially if the guy is really good play it. You can choose from more types of acoustic guitars, starting from the shape, dimensions, and color choices. Just stop by the music store now if you have time.

9. Sunglasses
This object will be very useful if needed, moreover the sun in Indonesia is quite hot and stinging. Sunglasses are also the perfect gift for guys who likes to travel. You just choose a cool model that fits the shape of his face. After that, the glasses will look cool when they are worn.

10. Album or Concert Tickets
Surely you know your male best friend’s favorite singer or band? Well, maybe you can use this as an idea to gift him on his birthday with a CD album of his favorite singer or band. Or, if it coincides with the concert of his favorite singer or band, you can surprise him with buy concert tickets. It must be really fun to spend time together while watching a concert, don’t you agree?

11. Earphones or headphones
Believe me, this gift will also be very useful for guys. The reason is that the intensity of boys listening to music is greater than girls. Boys can listen to music on the bus, on the train, or when they are busy at work. Give a choice of earphones or headphones at a slightly high price to get good quality.

12. Motorcycle gloves
Your boyfriend has a hobby of motorbikes? Motorcycle gloves must be a gift he really wants. You can choose a slightly thick one for touring or for use daily. You can choose motorcycle gloves with quality leather, yes.

13. Helmet
In addition to gloves, helmets are also a perfect gift for a guy who loves motorbikes. You can choose a helmet that is the same color as the motorbike to make it more visible cool to wear. For the problem of form, just try to choose the one you really like. However, adjust the size to the head, yes.

Well, those are 13 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Men. Have you got the inspiration to give a boy a gift on his happy day? No need to be afraid of choosing the wrong one, yes, because all choices are correct. Happy choosing!

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