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Attack on Titan – Final Season Part 3 – Attack on Titan has announced the broadcast schedule for the new chapter of the final season. Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3 will be divided into two with different broadcast schedules. The first part of Final Season Part 3 will begin airing on March 4 in Japan. While the second part was only confirmed this year, there are no release date details. Also, the amount of episodes for Part 3 of the final season of Attack on Titan remains unknown.

However, as reported by Collider, fans estimate that this Part 3 episode will not be as many as the previous part because there are only nine chapters left in the manga that can be adapted. Therefore, Part 3 is also expected to actually be the end of the Attack on Titan anime because there is no more manga that adapts stories so far. This film was first released ten years ago in 2013 and immediately gained popularity. Originally produced by Wit Studio, Final Season Attack on Titan was animated by MAPPA.

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The first season had 25 episodes airing April-September 2013. The second season aired April-June 2017 and had 12 episodes. Meanwhile, the third season of Attack on Titan has 22 episodes that aired from July to October 2018, and then from April to July 2019. The first part of Season 4 aired on December 7 2020 and March 29 2021. Meanwhile, Final Season Part 2 aired in Japan last year on January 10 and closes on April 4, having 16 and 12 episodes, respectively.

The beginning of the Attack on Titan story

The story all started with Eren Yeager who was trying to find the real world from outside the walls. Which is surrounded by three layers of large walls namely Sheena, Rose, and the outermost wall named Maria. The wall was built with the excuse of preventing the Titans from entering and destroying the city and eating its citizens. Eren is the only child of a father named Grisha Jaeger and Mrs Kalura. Eren and his father are told to save Mikasa Ackerman as a child and then adopt Mikasa.

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In the story, Eren’s mother is eaten by a Titan or a giant outside the wall that has kept her and her family all this time. This then gave Eren a traumatic experience. Because of that, Eren hates giants and joins the Scout Legion to avenge his long-held revenge. The unrequited revenge becomes a dilemma for him. Because sometimes later he finds out that he is half-human and half-giant or Titan Shifter.

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