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Levi Ackerman Love and Obsessed

Levi Ackerman Love and Obsessed, – A fictional character named Levi Ackerman appears in the famous Japanese manga and anime series “Attack on Titan”, developed by Hajime Isayama. His signature Scout Regiment attire, consisting of a green jacket with a white blouse underneath, a red tie, and brown boots, is something he wears frequently. Along with the unconventional cravats and black leather gloves, he was famous. Many figures of Levi in various positions and attire are on the market, along with other goods bearing his likeness.

Did Levi Ackerman Have a Love Interest

The romance in the Attack on Titan series is mostly platonic. The dark action/fantasy aspect of the story is the main focus as there are more visible issues. One of the most famous anime characters and the subject of many Attack on Titan memes, Levi Ackerman has a sizable fan base. One of the most interesting anime guys is him.

There are two possible interpretations of Levi’s love interest: romantic and platonic. One person in particular (Erwin Smith) definitely embodies Levi’s loyalty and affection. He seemed to understand and obey his instructions.

Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Love and Obsessed by

The funny thing is, Erwin and Levi first met when they were about to attack Commander Erwin Smith. Back then, Levi and his team were thieves. Levi had a choice when Erwin recognized his talent, Either leave the Underworld and join Erwin’s team or face treason charges.

In some ways, making a clear decision to live was beneficial to him. Maybe Erwin saved his life and changed his point of view. Spending time with Erwin undoubtedly influenced her and made her less rude and indifferent to others. This made it easier to communicate with people like Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlet, Sasha Braus, and many others recently joining the 104th Cadet Corps.

Characters from Attack on Titan: “Neither a Villain nor a Hero” also, in this case, we probably won’t know if her obvious liking for Erwin is platonic or amorous. He is Levi’s most reliable and close friend, that’s for sure.

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What Is Levi Ackerman Obsessed With

Hange Zoe is yet another perspective of “love” interest. Their conversation was, to put it mildly, fascinating. Respect, admiration, and fun were all there in their relationship. Except for when he’s with Hange, Levi is hardly ever seen having any fun or relaxation. Levi is exceptionally caustic with her and occasionally quarrels with her, which makes it clear that he trusts her enough to connect with her in such a way even though it is not always visible. Fans perceive her as a love interest despite his not expressing any overt interest in her.

Petra, whose father chose to marry her to him despite learning of her emotions for Levi Ackerman, is another one of his love interests. It’s unclear whether he had any feelings for her.


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