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Creative Handmade Gift Ideas for Christmas

Creative handmade gift ideas for christmas, – One of the preoccupations leading up to Christmas Day is looking for Christmas gift ideas to give to family members. Usually, you’d probably be buying Christmas presents that has been made in malls or online stores. But for this year try to find handmade gift ideas yourself. Even though it’s a hassle, the resulting prizes provide value separately.

Making handicrafts that will later be used as gifts can be a creative handmade gift idea for Christmas that is great for you. Because, with creative gifts, you can make gifts or the gifts you give become much more memorable.

So, as an inspiration, you can give a memorable and unforgettable gift. Yes, especially if it’s not a handmade gift, aka handmade alias doityourself (DIY). Besides being more special and personal, giving homemade gifts tends to be affordable. So for those of you who are thrifty, this DIY gift idea is perfect! While there is still plenty of time to prepare, come on, check out the following homemade gift ideas. Who knows there is something that suits your taste!

Here are creative handmade gift ideas for christmas

1. Christmas Cards
In this day and age, when everything is digital, sending Merry Christmas greeting cards to family or friends is becoming increasingly rare. When everyone sends cards digital christmas greeting via smart phone, try you make your own simple christmas card. Make it with cardboard, write with markers or colored pencils and decorate with ribbon and glitter.

2. Clay ornaments
You can use ornaments or decorations made of clay (clay) as Christmas tree decorations or decorations on the table. You can buy clay materials that have been So or make your own inexpensive and safe dough made of just 4 cups of flour and 1 cup of salt plus 1.5 cups of water. you can Flatten the clay and engrave the names of family members on the clay, then either bake it or let it dry on its own. After it dries you can paint it or give shine powder and add a rope as a hanger

3. Rubik’s Cube photo
A creative handmade gift idea for next Christmas is a photo that forms a cube. These DIY handmade gift ideas are interesting for you to make choices for Christmas gifts. For photos you can too make it even more unique, namely by making photos of your family or friends in a cartoon style. To make a custom cartoon portrait, you can visit the website

creative handmade gift ideas for christmas
creative handmade gift ideas for christmas by

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4. Scrapbook
Scrapbooking or often called scrapbooking is the art of perpetuating, arranging, decorating photos or other memorable objects. You can attach a photo of Christmas memories last year on a folio-sized cardboard and began to give various ornaments or decorations around the photo. Ornaments or decorations can be: anything, but because for Christmas it’s good to have Christmas-themed ornaments. Ornaments can also be pictures of flowers that are cut out and stacked so that they appear 3-dimensions. When you’re done you can frame it and wrap it as a Christmas gift

5. Message in the bottle
Special gifts don’t have to be expensive, you can make them yourself. One of the interesting gifts for you to choose is Message in the bottle or message in a bottle. To make this gift, you can prepare the materials, such as glass jars or bottles, paper, ballpoint pens, ribbons, and decorations according to your taste. (glitter and sequins).

The first step to make it is to write small messages on paper, try to write them with all your heart. Then fold it and put it inside bottle or jar. Also add other decorations according to your taste to sprinkle in the jar. The last step is to decorate the jar or bottle from the area, decoration You can use ribbons, labels or other decorations as you wish.

6. Floating tea cup
Floating tea cup is a gift in the form of a floating tea cup. The shape of this gift is a tea cup spilling flowers on a plate. This gift is great suitable for room or home decoration.

So, what about the creative handmade gift ideas for Christmas above, hopefully it inspires you

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