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Christmas Gift Ideas by Age

Christmas gift ideas by age, – Moms, Christmas Day is in sight. What gifts have you got for your little one? Giving a Christmas present for the baby is tricky. Moreover, should determine what gift to give according to age so that it fits.

Getting gifts is the most awaited moment by children at Christmas. Seeing his joy when receiving gifts from you will definitely make the Christmas moment even more perfect. Christmas gift ideas by age of your little one are things you have to think about. So, find a nice Christmas gift for them. The prize can in the form of educational toys from the Play-Doh and LEGO brands. Sound books, balance bikes, drawing tablets, or Christmas story book packages can also be given as gifts.

Then, what are Christmas gifts that are suitable for children based on their age? Here are some recommendations for you moms

Here are Some Christmas Gift ideas by Age

1. Age 0-1 years
Congratulations to the moms who have just given birth to a baby. Even if your child is still a baby and doesn’t understand Christmas gifts, there’s nothing wrong with starting gave his first Christmas present. What can moms give?

a. Make kids even cuter with cute Christmas costumes
Like other major celebrations, Christmas Day is synonymous with family gatherings. Not only dressing yourself to look beautiful when welcoming guests who come to the house, moms also need to make sure that the children also perform optimally.

The way around this is with a cute costume. Moms can choose what typical Christmas costumes are suitable for children. For example Santa costumes, elves, or conjuring them be a Christmas tree. Definitely the center of attention!

b. Three-dimensional replica of a baby’s legs and arms
This one object is another way of capturing precious moments for the growth and development of children besides photos. To make it, moms can go to a service [replica] creation. To make this replica, usually the baby’s hands and feet will be imprinted in a jelly-like solution.

c. Baby photo display in custom cartoon portrait
The next Christmas gift idea based on the age of 0-1 year is to capture the moment of the child’s birth by making a custom cartoon portrait. Moms can make it on the website. Try it, this is a unique idea for a child’s Christmas gift.

Christmas Gift ideas by Age
Christmas Gift ideas by Age – created by

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What’s more, this leg and baby replica can be displayed as a wall decoration at home. So, apart from being a gift for children, this one Christmas gift can be a gift for moms and family!

2. Age 1-3 years
Moms child has entered the age of toddlers? It must be very adorable, yes, you can see it imitating the behavior of the adults around it. Miraculously he could understand the words better, ask lots of questions, and experiment with things around them. For that, moms can give the following gifts:

a. Book
Moms might think that giving a book as a Christmas present to a child is not suitable for a 1 year old. In fact, not really you know. Even though Moms child is not can understand a book or pronounce the letters of the alphabet, it’s not too early to introduce a child to books. Provided Moms choose the appropriate type of book with the child’s age.

Introducing children as early as possible to reading books for babies and toddlers can actually change the way their brains develop and give them a chance at life better.

b. Practice her interaction skills with talking dolls
Children at this age usually start learning to do interactive games, explore their imagination and are developing their language skills. To top it all off, a talking doll could please her this Christmas.

3. Age 3-5 years
When a child enters toddler age is the most difficult moment to forget. This cute child is already able to develop his motor skills well. Like imitating other people’s things or conversations, running without falling, active jumping.

In essence, the child has started to be smart and trained in new activities. Therefore, to please her, moms can give the following gifts:

a. Tricycle
At the age of 3-5 years, children will really like playing outdoors. There are various activities that can be done together, including playing ball, basketball and cycling. Between a variety of outdoor games, cycling will be the child’s favorite activity. So there’s nothing wrong with giving him a safe and fun tricycle for children.

b. Make her life even sweeter with Christmas candy
It’s simple, all children love candy. But at a special celebration later, give a typical Christmas-themed candy. Moms can make it yourself or too buy it in the best candy shop.

Well, those are some Christmas gift ideas by age. hope it helps moms

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