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Custom Cartoon Portraits – Digital Gift Ideas For Family at Christmas and New Year

Custom Cartoon Portraits – Digital Gift Ideas For Family at Christmas and New Year, – The Christmas and New Year holidays are usually synonymous with gathering and sharing gifts with family and close relatives. This year, the pandemic has started to subside but has not completely brought things back to normal. Precisely, with a pandemic This is another completely digital habit that has surfaced, one of which is digital gifts.

Sharing gifts is also not only physical but digital. There are several recommendations that you can use to give gifts digitally to distant relatives, friends or family, here are some of them.

1. Jamboards

Did you know that the jamboard product released by Google can actually be a simple gift for distant friends? So, for those of you who don’t know how, all you have to do is open Google and then log in using your GMail. Then, select an application Google, then click the jamboard. Create a new clock by selecting the plus icon then a new clock will appear.

By using a jamboard, you can not only write reminders or words via sticky notes, but you can also draw, write, even insert photos on the jamboard. Oh, yes, you can also change the jamboard background although the choices are still limited.

2. Create a Greeting Video

The next digital gift idea is to make a video congratulation, you can collect various videos and congratulations from various friends and family. You can also be creative with photo collages so that virtual gifts don’t just go like that. Edit it in such a way that it becomes a memorable gift

Custom Cartoon Portraits – Digital Gift Ideas For Family at Christmas and New Year

3. Custom Cartoon Portraits

This one we recommend the most, is perfect for digital Christmas and New Year gift ideas. Besides being unique You can create photos with your favorite cartoon characters. If you are interested in this idea, you can visit website This website provides services for making Custom Cartoon Portraits with a large selection of cartoon styles and his favorite anime. So you don’t have to bother making Custom Cartoon Portraits, just send photos of friends or family and your digital gift will be created immediately. How are you interested? just visit the website here.

Custom Cartoon Portraits - Digital Gift Ideas For Family at Christmas and New Year
Custom Cartoon Portraits by

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4. Digital Scrapbooks

For those of you who like design, you can, here, try making a digital scrapbook using design software that you are good at. If you are still not confident with your own design, you can take advantage of design applications and websites that provide templates for making scrapbook designs.

So, you can not only include photos of you and your friends, but also use various templates, backgrounds, frames, to attractive icons for free. When your digital scrapbook is complete, you can choose to download it or share the link to the scrapbook so your friends can view it online. Interesting right?

5. Digital shopping vouchers

One idea that you can use is to give digital vouchers or e-vouchers to relatives. You guys can buy this digital voucher in e-commerce or on the official website. Several voucher options are shopping vouchers, fashion, food, pulse vouchers, quotas and others.

6.Top up Games

One of the digital gifts that you can give distant relatives is the top-up of the games they like, such as UC PUBG,
diamonds Mobile Legends and others by giving a Google Play balance gift card.

After seeing some of the Digital Gift Ideas for Families on Christmas and New Year’s Day above, I’m sure you’re not confused anymore. So, what gift do you want to give your friend? I hope your sincerity is conveyed

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