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Employee gift ideas for christmas

Employee gift ideas for christmas, – Apart from being a big holiday, Christmas is a time for loved ones to gather together.  Christmas Day is also a time when bosses and employees exchange Christmas gifts.

The day of celebration is used as a special bonding moment, in which employees, co-workers and superiors exchange gifts. To make it more festive, not rare the company also gives its employees Christmas gifts, as a token of appreciation for their hard work.

So, are you going to give Christmas gifts to employees in the office this year? Don’t be confused, here are 7 choices of Christmas gifts for employees that can be your consideration!

Here’s an employee gift idea for a memorable Christmas

1. Mugs
Mugs or coffee cups are often Christmas gifts for employees.  To make it more effective, you can choose a cute mug shape.

In addition to shapes, you can also choose mugs with unique designs such as initials of employee names or company symbols. It’s not just about buying ready-made mugs, You can also design mugs for employee Christmas gifts yourself, you know. All you have to do is bring the design to the printer, you can get a unique and beautiful mug.

2. Shopping Vouchers
Still can’t find Christmas gift ideas for employees? You can give them shopping vouchers! Even now you can make vouchers as Christmas gifts for your employees. You are free to choose a nominal value that is flexible, for example with a unique number.

3. Custom cartoon portraits
This one idea is quite unique, you can make a custom cartoon portrait for your employees. Choose a cartoon or anime character that you like and then you make a custom cartoon portrait with your employee’s distinctive style, surely this one idea is quite memorable. Interested? try to visit the web, and get it Christmas gift ideas for your employees.

Employee gift ideas for christmas
Custom anime portrait by

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4. French Press & Some Ground Coffee
Buy coffee from the cafe all the time can hurt your wallet, so why not give them a way to brew their own coffee and save some money. Although brewing coffee sometimes feels boring and quite time consuming, a french press can make it easier for you to make coffee in a relatively fast time, so it can be an option
a great gift for those who love coffee!

You can also add some ground coffee so they can make it right away.

5. Pastry or chocolate
Recommended Christmas gifts for other employees are cookies or chocolate. This gift choice is perfect for giving, especially for employees who will meet with his family at the moment of the holiday. As a suggestion, you can order some pastries from vendors to share with employees. Then, ask ask the vendor to decorate the order with a special ornament or decoration, such as Santa Claus or snow.

6. Custom pillows
The next Christmas present for the employee is a pillow. Without realizing it, pillows always decorate employee desks, you know. This time, you can make custom pillows or pillows that we design ourselves.

In addition to designing images or colors, you can also choose the pillow material yourself. Of course, the material can be softer and more comfortable than pillows what we buy at the store.

7. Desk organizer
In addition to the goods they want, there’s nothing wrong with giving them the things they need. For example, a desk organizer that helps make your desk tidier and more visible clean. The price of a desk organizer also varies, just look for one that is within the budget but still functional. By seeing their desks neat and orderly, definitely performance
employees so increased!

So, those are some Christmas gift ideas for employees. Have you decided what to give your employees?

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