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Facts about Hange interest in Titan

Fact About Hange

Some facts about Hange Zoe’s interest in Titan, gantstudio.comHange Zoe is one of the characters interested in Titan. Hange Zoe is a very genius character. He has done many missions related to research, thus helping troops in dealing with Titan. In fact, thanks to intelligence coupled with other skills, Hange managed to reach Grade A +.

Hange Zoe managed to find out an important secret about humans who can turn into titans, thanks to Ilse Langnar’s notebook that she found during a titan-catching expedition.

In the book, there is an explanation of the titans who speak, “Ymir’s people”. Hange managed to find out the truth long before Eren began to reveal the information.

These are some facts about Hange Zoe

Has a pet titan named Sonny and Bean

Sonny and Bean are two titans who were captured alive when the walls of the Trost District were breached, in the “Female Titan” arc to be precise. Sonny is a small-sized titan who is 4 meters tall, while Bean is a 7-meter titan.

Hange conducted research related to Titan’s communication abilities, responses when injured, to the effects of a lack of sunlight.

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Hange creates Thunder Spear to kill Titan Armor

The appearance of a new type of titan such as the Titan Armor requires Hange Zoe and the team to rack their brains in order to defeat the Titan. Because ordinary weapons cannot cut through the Titan Armor’s hard body.

Hange Zoe and her team succeeded in creating a new weapon specifically designed to fight titans as strong as Titan Armor, namely the Thunder Spear. However, this Lightning Spear actually had a much broader function.

Many of the fans admired the character from Hanji Zoe, and some even made digital artwork. by customizing your face, become one of your favourite characters in the Attack on Titan series. If you are a big fan of this anime character, you can try visiting the website.

Fact about Hange
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Those are some interesting facts about Hange Zoe’s Attack on Titan for fans to know. I think there is some missing information, right? Tell us in the comments column, come on!

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