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Who is Vegapunk’s Kidnapper?

Who is Vegapunk’s Kidnapper, – Who is Vegapunk’s kidnapper? There are several characters who are suspected of being perpetrators of Vegapunk’s kidnapper. Especially in One Piece Chapter 1076. Many terrible things happened, such as the attack on one of Vegapunk’s satellites. What’s even worse is that in chapter 1076 it is known that Vegapunk … Read more

Vegapunk there are 6 Clones x One Piece

Vegapunk there are 6 Clones, – Vegapunk in One Piece is a scientist who is believed to be able to divide himself. So he has several clones. The reason is, no one knows how he split himself to create some of these clones. His intelligence is beyond reason, even Vegapunk has several clone names. … Read more

Weaknesses of Eren Yeager

Weaknesses of Eren Yeager, – Weaknesses of Eren Yeager in the anime Attack On Titan. Because something big will happen in the final chapter of this anime by Hajime Isayama. In episode 2 of Attack On Titan Season 4 part 2, you can see Eren in Titan form trying to approach Zeke. Even when … Read more

Why is Eren Yeager Turn Evil?

Why is Eren Yeager Turn Evil, – The figure of Eren Yeager, the main character in the anime turns into an evil character towards the end of the story. This certainly makes fans wonder. Even though from the beginning of the season, Eren Yeager was known as a cheerful and passionate person. But entering … Read more

Is Levi Ackerman Killing Zeke Yeager?

Is Levi Ackerman killing Zeke Yeager? – Why did Levi Ackerman killing Zeke Yeager in Attack on Titan? Since season 4 part 1, which aired in December 2022, Levi really hates the figure of Zeke who turns into the Beast Titan. This Beast Titan is a giant that looks like a chimpanzee and is … Read more

Levi Ackerman Attack on Titan

Levi Ackerman Attack on Titan, – Who is Levi Ackerman? Levi is one of the most popular characters in the Attack on Titan series, even arguably the most popular. Even though he is short in stature, the squad captain in the Special Operation Squad and in the Survey Corps has abilities that cannot be … Read more

Facts about Hange interest in Titan

Some facts about Hange Zoe’s interest in Titan, – Hange Zoe is one of the characters interested in Titan. Hange Zoe is a very genius character. He has done many missions related to research, thus helping troops in dealing with Titan. In fact, thanks to intelligence coupled with other skills, Hange managed to reach … Read more

Fortnite Skins x Attack on Titan

Fortnite Skins x Attack on Titan, – Fortnite skins collaborate with Attack on Titan. The new Fortnite-themed Attack on Titan concept that popped up on Twitter took the community by storm. Speculation and rumours about an Attack on Titan x Fortnite crossover. Started when Epic Games submitted a poll that included several popular anime … Read more

What is The Survey Corps?

What is The Survey Corps? – Hello Gant San, in this article we will discuss soldiers who are popular in Survey Corps. The Survey Corps is a military division in the fictional world of “Attack on Titan,” a popular manga and anime series. The Survey Corps is responsible for exploring the outside world and … Read more

Is Hange Zoe Death in Attack on Titan?

Is Hange Zoe Death in Attack on Titan, – Hello Gant San, this time we will discuss the character Hange Zoe. Hange Zoe was a beloved character in the popular anime series, Attack on Titan. Her death in the show left fans devastated, and many have expressed their emotions and reactions on social media. … Read more