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Hange Zo The leader of The Reconnaissance Soldiers

Hange Zo The leader of The Reconnaissance Soldiers, – Hange Zo The leader of The Reconnaissance Soldiers, Erwin Smith predeceased himself and selected Hange Zo as the fourteenth commander of the Survey Corps. Before becoming a squad leader (bun-tech? ), Hange oversaw the Fourth Squad and was responsible for the team’s inventive inventions.

Hange was in charge of planning the expedition, leading the regiment, hiring new members, and all other duties. Hange was appointed commander, shortly after Armin Arlert succeeded them after they died.

As a notorious mad scientist who is wholly fixated on Titan research, Hange Zoe is recognized. Hange will risk his own life and the lives of his soldiers to fulfil his ambition to learn more about Titan.

Hange Zo
Hange Zo The leader of The Reconnaissance Soldiers by

The information about Hange Zoe in Attack On Titan listed below may surprise you. Check out the reviews below.

  1. Long before Eren. Hange unintentionally discovered the truth about humanity. Hange was aware of the fact about the Titans’ ancestry long before Eren became a Titan and mankind became aware of it. Hange means the record of a soldier named Ilse while on an expedition.
  2. Before finally swallowing Ilse’s skull and hanging her body from a tree, the Titan uttered the words “Ymir’s people”. Due to the lack of information, Hange was helpless.
  3. After Erwin, Hange is Levi’s closest friend. Levi, as we all know, isn’t very fond of anyone saving Erwin. In fact, during this series, the audience has hardly ever caught Levi grinning. Levi appears to be influenced in some way by Hange.
  4. Hange was the one who organized the first expedition to capture Titan. Therefore, he kept asking Erwin for permission to carry out the Titan capture mission.
  5. Hange’s gender is still a mystery. In both the manga and anime, Hange is identified as a woman. However, the mangaka, Hajime Isayama, has not confirmed Hange’s gender. Isayama said that gender does not define his character. While Hange means male, some fans spell his name with Hanji which means female.

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“Even if what we do is a small step, we must continue to give our lives

if it means that one day, humanity will be freed from this terror.”

– Hange Zoe –


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