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Levi and Mikasa Who Have Extraordinary Strength

Levi and Mikasa Who Have Extraordinary Strength, –  Levi had asked Mikasa about the ancestry of the Ackerman family. Levi asked further whether Mikasa had ever experienced the emergence of a powerful power from within. Mikasa replied that she had experienced the same thing.

Levi admits that he and his uncle Kenny have experienced the sensation of a mysterious power rising. It seems that the power of the titan is where this power comes from. The Ackerman clan still has the same bloodline as the Eldia kingdom, which was endowed with the power of a titan but still in human form.

Levi and Mikasa are trustworthy members of the investigation squad despite not being related by blood. You’re aware that Attack on Titan’s newest season is about to premiere.

Levi and Mikasa Who Have Extraordinary Strength by

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Other Levi and Mikasa Facts in the Attack On Titan Series

  1. In the early story, Mikasa did not like Levi’s character. Eren in the Attack On Titan
    was surprised able to transform into a giant when the enormous titan shattered Maria’s gate. Against all the giants who seek to eat mankind, he joins forces with the research team. Eren’s power ultimately led to the giant titan’s capture, even though he played a key role in sealing the gap he left at Maria’s gate. Eren worries that he might transform into a titan at any moment and start attacking people. This was verified by Eren who had attacked Mikasa when he shifted his form. Levi, however, succeeded in persuading the justices that Eren was a “stealth” that could be managed.
  2. Levi cares about Mikasa. Even though Levi is hated by Mikasa, in fact, Levi still cares about Mikasa. It was proven that during the mission to save Eren from the Female Titan, Levi did not save Mikasa just once but twice. The first is when Mikasa tries to chase the Female Titan without a plan and the second is when Mikasa recklessly wants to kill the Female Titan. Levi is very loyal to protecting his troops and does not want to see more lives lost on this mission. Even so, the Female Titan’s power managed to kill some of the troops and of course, Levi didn’t want Mikasa to feel that too.

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