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Will I be charged for changes to my order once it has been made?

Customers are responsible for specifying all the details they want in their order in the order records. Any details that are not included in the order notes will be borne by our artist and will be charged an additional fee if the customer requires changes.

There will be a fee for changes up to the second request. Prices may vary depending on demand.

What if I'm not happy with my Illustrations?

Our artists are very talented and always do an amazing job, however, sometimes working from our photos or descriptions loses the essence of the person. We are ready to make any revisions you need! There is a limit of up to 3 free revisions. After the 3nd revision, depending on the changes, we charge a case by case fee.

You may be charged on the first revision. We will bill our customers on the first revision if there is a major change.

Major changes include clothing changes, Illustrations style changes, and whole pose changes.

Minor changes include things like skin color, hairstyle, minor changes to body position, facial features, and more.

Please understand that requesting a revision will result in a longer turnaround time of around 1-3 days.