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Is Levi Ackerman Killing Zeke Yeager?

Levi Ackerman Killing

Is Levi Ackerman killing Zeke Yeager? – Why did Levi Ackerman killing Zeke Yeager in Attack on Titan? Since season 4 part 1, which aired in December 2022, Levi really hates the figure of Zeke who turns into the Beast Titan. This Beast Titan is a giant that looks like a chimpanzee and is unique in that it can speak human language.

In addition, he also has the ability to command ordinary Titans and his strength is a very strong throw. With his gigantic body, he can also carry large stones in his hand and throw them at humans.

But there is also another theory circulating among fans. based on the attack on the Beast Titan which caused Levi to have a grudge. Levi really hates and wants to kill Zeke for eliminating Erwin Smith. Levi greatly respects the Scout Commander for saving him in the past. Apart from that, Erwin was also able to beat Levi Ackerman in terms of speed and intelligence. With the death of the commander-in-chief, of course, Levi wants revenge on the killer, Zeke.

Why Does Levi Want to Killing Zeke Yeager?

Many fans have questioned how much Levi hates Zeke Jaeger and he often shows it. Even in the Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 episode 1 which lasted for 1 hour, Levi showed this attitude.

While on the aeroplane, the soldier who has Ackerman’s blood even says that he must kill Zeke Jaeger. He also asked that his colleagues give everything to help kill Zeke.

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Theory Why Levi Wants to Kill Zeke in Attack On Titan

There are several theories regarding Levi’s reason for wanting to kill this Zeke Jaeger in his hands. The first is the last order from his former boss who died, namely Erwin Smith. The beginning was when the Beast Titan came to Paradise Island and massacred almost the entire scout troop.

In fact, all of the new generations died in the war except for one person, namely Floch. At that time, Erwin gave the order so that Levi could execute the Beast Titan by sacrificing many Scouts. Levi was able to take down the Beast Titan with his extraordinary strength but still failed to kill Zeke who was in it.

This is because Cart Titan saved Zeke who was already cornered and took Eren’s brother away. Levi still wants to continue the orders of his former commander because Zeke is still alive.

Levi Ackerman Killing
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