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One Piece Storyline That Always Makes You Curious

One Piece Storyline That Always Makes You Curious, – Woonan, a famous pirate, amassed a third of the world’s wealth at the start of the story. A legend that continues to be widely discussed even after Woonan’s death. This made him a wanted target for pirates.

El Drago is a pirate trying hard to find a fabled fortune. One by one, he and his team chase Woonan’s former crew members, eventually luring them to a secret island.

Unfortunately, they met the Straw Hat pirate crew on their way and chose to rob them. And Eldrago and the Straw Hat Pirates engage in battle. Before El Drago captured the hidden island, the Straw Hats tried to find a way to get there.

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The storyline of One Piece from the Start 

  1. The East Blue saga – Luffy starts this series by looking for more people who wish to go sailing with him. The setting of this narrative is in the eastern waters of East Blue. Before joining the Grand Line of Luffy’s previous adventure, he met Shanks and pledged to Shanks.
  2. Kisah Baroque Works – A criminal organization known as Baroque Works is after an ideal nation in that scenario. The Straw Hats got to join the Grand Line and by coincidence had to save a royal princess named Nefertari Vivi and the kingdom (BW).
  3. The story of Skypiea – The story after they overthrow Baroque Works and it turns out that their Log Pose direction is towards the sky. The Straw Hats are trying to find information on a sky island. After they made it to the sky island called Skypiea, they were required to face God.
  4. Davy Back Fight story – The crew sailed again and then met the foxy pirates who invited them to play in the Davy Back Fight game and the winners were the Straw Hat Pirates. The Straw Hats and their friends first encountered Tonjit and his horse when they arrived at Longring Longland.
  5. The story of Water Seven / Ennies Lobby – The crew sailed back to Water 7 Town to repair the Going Merry. The gold they brought from Sky Island, they exchanged for 300 million Berries and confiscated by the Franky Family. The biggest problem is being slandered as the mastermind behind the assassination attempt on the Mayor of Water 7 (Iceburg).

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