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Why is Eren Yeager Turn Evil?

Eren Yeager Turn Evil

Why is Eren Yeager Turn Evil, – The figure of Eren Yeager, the main character in the anime turns into an evil character towards the end of the story. This certainly makes fans wonder. Even though from the beginning of the season, Eren Yeager was known as a cheerful and passionate person. But entering season 4, Eren Yeager’s character turned evil. Here, summarizes several sources regarding the reasons why Eren Yeager became evil.

The reason Eren Yeager turn evil

Frustrated Eren Yeager

The first reason Eren Yeager turned into a bad guy in season 4 was that he felt frustrated. The reason was that Eren had read the future so he couldn’t save Mikasa. Therefore, at the beginning of the first episode, Eren was seen crying for no reason.

Seeing a Gloomy Future

The second reason Eren Yeager turned evil was that he had seen a very bleak future. This broadcast is predicted to be an ending spoiler for Attack On Titan which gives memories of Mikasa’s future.

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Not Knowing the Secrets of the Outside World

The next reason Eren Yeager’s character turned evil was that he was not privy to the outside world. It is known that Eren lived in the dungeon for several years. From there, there were several facts that made Eren unhappy when he found out. This made Eren, who initially wanted to eradicate all Titans to get freedom, but now suddenly changed to kill everyone.

Planning Himself to Die

The fourth reason behind changing Eren Yeager’s character to evil is because it is based on his own choice to die. It was still mere speculation as it was known that Eren had seen the future as well as thought about it. Choosing death was what Eren Yeager had to do so that Armin and Mikasa could live in the future.

Eren Yeager Turn Evil
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