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The Reason York Betrayed Vegapunk

The Reason York Betrayed Vegapunk illustrated by

The Reason York Betrayed Vegapunk, – The Happening of Betrayal York appears before Vegapunk after shooting Shaka. Here York reveals the motive for his betrayal. Namely to become the only Vegapunk in the world and join to become a Tenryuubito.

York’s betrayal was unprecedented. Actually, since the previous chapter, there has been a change in York’s heart. Several clues indicate why York betrayed

  1. One of the reasons for the betrayal was due to York’s nature, greed and greed, and having the duty to eat and relieve oneself for other Vegapunks, who had their own plans. York hides passion and is very greedy. Previously there were several predictions regarding who the Vegapunk traitor really was. The indications are towards Lilith and Atlas, considering their destructive tendencies.
  2. There is a conspiracy between York and S-Snake. When S-Snake appeared and used the power of Mero Mero no Mi, York became one of the victims where his body instantly petrified. However, there are indications that this incident was a farce from York. Especially since York doesn’t look like he’s trying to avoid his attacks or be surprised when he’s attacked. Being able to freeze the body, the Mero Mero no Mi can also restore the target’s body to its original condition. With this fact, there is a possibility that York cooperates with S-Snake to attack him deliberately, to dispel his suspicions as a traitor.
  3. Knowing the order given by Edison. York told S-Snake to stop attacking as instructed by Edison. Then, how could York know the order given to the Seraphim? Lilith mentions the desire or greed of living beings is very difficult to control. Taking into account what happened in the latest chapter, it seems the same can be said of York.

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