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York’s Betrayal Revealed Simultaneously and The Straw Hats Split

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York’s Betrayal Revealed Simultaneously and the Straw Hats Split illustrated by

York’s Betrayal Revealed Simultaneously and The Straw Hats Split, – One Piece in episode 1078 titled “Neo MADs Founded”. The cover story shows Vinsmoke Judge and Caesar Clown holding hands. The soldiers from Germa 66 join in the celebration. But that’s not the case with Vinsmoke Reiju and Ichiji who seem disappointed with the alliance.

This chapter begins with a story, where Stussy uses his Den Den Mushi to talk to Sentomaru. He also said that Admiral Kizaru was on his way to Egghead Island and planned to have Marines in reserve.

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Story Summary Episode 1078 In One Piece, Vegapunk betrayed

Because Vegapunk’s research had already surpassed Ohara’s discoveries and Egghead Island had defensive power. This situation led Stussy to claim that the World Government had to take precautions. Therefore, the World Government moved its troops far beyond what a normal Buster Call would be like.

In this episode, people take refuge all over Egghead Island before turning their attention to Franky’s group. Franky’s condition at that time was that part of his body was petrified, but he could still talk but couldn’t move.

Moving on to the story where Vegapunk Pythagoras tearfully asked the S-Snake who gave him the order. However, he didn’t answer, instead stomping on his head and causing a huge explosion. The story in this episode does not elaborate on the fate of Vegapunk Pythagoras after the explosion or the possibility that he was killed or seriously injured.

An anonymous caller convinced the Gorosei that Vegapunk betrayed them. This is what created the order for CP0 to eliminate Dr. Vegapunk and his six Satellites from the start. As a backup measure, they also chose to send one of their own to the island along with Admiral Kizaru and a troop of Marines.

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