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Who is Vegapunk’s Kidnapper?

Vegapunk's kidnapper

Who is Vegapunk’s Kidnapper, – Who is Vegapunk’s kidnapper? There are several characters who are suspected of being perpetrators of Vegapunk’s kidnapper. Especially in One Piece Chapter 1076. Many terrible things happened, such as the attack on one of Vegapunk’s satellites. What’s even worse is that in chapter 1076 it is known that Vegapunk has been kidnapped and held captive in a secret prison in a lab. This also made many fans curious about who the culprit was.

Here are the names of those who allegedly kidnapper Vegapunk’s

Vegapunk Satellite

One of the most widely speculated alleged perpetrators of Vegapunk’s abduction and sabotage of Egghead Island is the Vegapunk satellite. Some of the most speculated names are Shaka and also Lillith. For Shaka, the speculation is noteworthy because he is by far the most mysterious satellite.

We don’t know much about Shaka who allegedly has evil intentions towards Vegapunk. As for Lillith herself, speculation refers to her as the perpetrator of sabotage and kidnapping because she is the embodiment of evil nature.


The figure of Caribou is known to have returned to infiltrate the Thousand Sunny at the end of the Wano story. He even had time to steal about Pluton and wanted to tell it to a man who was still mysterious. From the start of the Egghead arc, Caribou’s whereabouts were unknown.

Moreover, if we look at the previous arc, Caribou has done the same thing. He once kidnapped a dugong on Fishman Island. So, it’s not impossible if he did the same thing to Vegapunk and the others. This happened thanks to his demon Numa Numa no Mi.

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Kidnapping Speculation

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn

He was able to arrive very quickly on Egghead Island allegedly because of the help of Kizaru’s Pika Pika devil fruit which allowed them to arrive quickly. Arriving there, Saint Jaygarica Saturn immediately did various things. An example is sabotaging the system on the island and also kidnapping Vegapunk. On the other hand, this speculation is quite reasonable because the World Government itself is trying to kill Vegapunk.

However, given the situation that was getting out of control, especially with the appearance of Luffy and the Straw Hat crew, they finally intervened, represented by Saint Jaygarcia Saturn.

vegapunk's kidnapper
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The fans are curious about who the culprit is. Let’s just wait and see how the story continues in the next chapter!!

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