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East Blue Saga Becomes the Early Story of One Piece Advanced

East Blue Saga
East Blue Saga Becomes the Early Story of One Piece #2, illustrated by

East Blue Saga Becomes the Early Story of One Piece Advanced, –  East Blue Saga One Piece provides short but interesting anime shows and introduces many things about One Piece. The East Blue Saga became the legendary beginning of this series and the beginning of the Devil Fruit battle system. Apart from that, this episode introduces many characters to show fans.

In every anime series, a solid first impression means a lot for the next episodes. The best One Piece characters make a different first impression when introduced. Often also show something extraordinary and attract attention by introducing these characters in unusual circumstances or revealing something very unique.

The Coolest Characters In The East Blue Saga Episode – One Piece

  1. Roronoa Zoro is very persistent but easily tricked. Luffy finds Zoro tied to a wooden cross on the grounds of Marine headquarters, and Zoro explains that if he survives for one month, he will be free. However, Helmeppo’s lies to Zoro make him a tough, honourable, stupid, and stubborn character, which makes for an interesting combination. Zoro also made a big change from a pirate hunter which impressed Luffy.
  2. Restaurant chef Sanji Vinsmoke has terrible manners. The Baratie, a restaurant ship with multiple stories and a crew full of talented but demanding cooks, particularly chef Zeff himself, astounds Luffy and his little crew. Instead of Zeff, Luffy wishes to hire the blonde Sanji Vinsmoke, a cook with an oddly awful temperament. Sanji stands out because he is cynical, rude, and annoying despite his stylish attire and Baratie’s upscale decor. Most restaurants would have fired him for calling patrons “crap,” but Zeff accepted it, establishing Sanji as a perplexing but cool tsundere chef who became a pirate.
  3. A Grand Line preview was Dracule Mihawk. From One Piece, Dracule Mihawk. In the East Blue tale, just one Warlord of the Sea made an appearance: Dracule Mihawk, a kuudere swordsman with a stern countenance and a cool Spanish motif. Zoro instantly recognized Mihawk as a worthy foe as he sailed into the Baratie combat in his little ship. Mihawk stole the show when he battled Zoro with his enormous sword, fashionable attire, and, most importantly, his icy demeanour and astounding swordsmanship. Mihawk, a representative of the formidable Grand Line and its residents, easily humiliated Zoro in battle.
  4. Don Krieg looks ragged but ready to fight. An indirect preview of the terrifying Grand Line. He went to the Grand Line with 50 members but returned devastated. Don Krieg intends to occupy Baratie by force even though he suffers injuries and takes many lives. Because of that, Don Krieg never gets tired of fighting. Don Krieg’s tenacity was able to overcome defeat or lose half of his fleet. Don Krieg is a ferocious and practical pirate who is clearly used to fighting and winning many battles.
  5. Usopp Feels Like a Fairy Tale Character. The sniper Usopp is introduced as a goofy and likeable liar. Usopp constantly annoys Syrup Village with his strange stories and fake warnings. He was so annoying and stupid, like something out of a fairy tale book. But he really wants to be a great person and proves it when he helps Luffy against the pirate, Black Cat.
  6. Shanks Founded As Master Of War & Lover Of Peace. Emperor Shanks appears in the East Blue saga, and he sets a great example of what a noble and courageous male lead should be. Shanks was powerful then, just like now. Shanks wisely turned the other cheek when the mountain pirates turned against him, taking the high road and keeping the peace. Shanks waited until the right moment to finally confront Higuma’s gang of bandits. He also made a brave sacrifice to save Luffy.

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