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Vegapunk there are 6 Clones x One Piece


Vegapunk there are 6 Clones, – Vegapunk in One Piece is a scientist who is believed to be able to divide himself. So he has several clones. The reason is, no one knows how he split himself to create some of these clones. His intelligence is beyond reason, even Vegapunk has several clone names. Then, what are the names, codes, and each character of the 6 Vegapunk clones in the One Piece anime?

Here are 6 names of Vegapunk clones in One Piece

1. Greed’s character with Punk code 06 and named York

2. The nature of Violence with the code Punk 05 and named Atlas

3. The nature of Wisdom with the code Punk 04 and has the name, Pythagoras

4. Emotional nature with the code Punk 03 and has the name Edison

5. An evil character with the code Punk 02 named Lilith

6. A good-natured character with the code Punk 01 and named Shaka

In One Piece chapter 1062, the raw scan version this time titled Adventure In The Land Of Science tells about Vegapunk. Meanwhile, Luffy and his friends are on the island including Jewelry Bonney.

At the beginning of Luffy’s arrival, Jinbei, Chopper, and also Bonney saw some of the research carried out by Vegapunk. There are many interesting things on Egghead Island, so fans are curious about all the scenes.

There are lots of great robots and some cool tech one of them is a robot that looks like a dragon with a body that looks like a T-rex. Luffy then jumps into the robot dinosaur’s mouth and penetrates its back, seeing the behaviour of the Straw Hat Pirate Captain, Chopper becomes worried.

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Dangerous Clone

What is unique about this story is that mangaka Eiichiro Oda incorporates techniques from Naruto, the anime series written by Kishimoto. The Vegapunk clone also meets the Straw Hat pirate crew including Luffy. Not only that, Luffy, Jinbei, Chopper, and Bonney also met one of the Vegapunk clones who had a giant form, but a child-like face.

Luffy even had a chance to fight with the clone who has the number Punk 06. Surprising information emerged, it turns out that at that time CPo agents came to kill the real Vegapunk.

It is known that the CP0 that the World Government sent down to kill Vegapunk were Rob Luccy, Kaku, and Stussy. On the other hand, Cloning Punk 02 is Vegapunk who has evil thoughts that the pirates of One Piece must watch out for.

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