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East Blue Saga Becomes the Early Story of One Piece

East Blue Saga
East Blue Saga Becomes the Early Story of One Piece, illustrated by

East Blue Saga Becomes the Early Story of One Piece, –  East Blue Saga One Piece provides short but interesting anime shows and introduces many things about One Piece. The East Blue Saga became the legendary beginning of this series and the beginning of the Devil Fruit battle system. Apart from that, this episode introduces many characters to show fans.

In every anime series, a solid first impression means a lot for the next episodes. The best One Piece characters make a different first impression when introduced. Often also show something extraordinary and attract attention by introducing these characters in unusual circumstances or revealing something very unique.

The Coolest Characters In The East Blue Saga Episode – One Piece

  1. Tashigi the sword enthusiast. Tashigi’s character is the Swordsman. The two Marines who are always present around Tashigi make him a bit dangerous but are always loyal members of the marines. Tashigi gives off a warm first impression with his bright and smart approach to the sword. His knowledge of legendary swords in the world is highly acclaimed.
  2. Cameo Monkey D. Dragon Is Scary But Fun. Monkey D. Dragon was partially introduced when it ended in Loguetown. At that time, his son Monkey D. Luffy escaped execution due to a storm, and the rest of his crew escaped Captain Smoker’s hands to escape to the Grand Line. Monkey D. Dragon appears as a hooded, tattooed man who is arrogant and full of mysterious words.
  3. Arlong the Fishman. The Brutal Fishman, Arlong, commands his crew and has taken over several villages to form his domain. One Piece fans see Arlong as a Fishman who has a tough character, is fair and always sticks to his word. This character set Arlong apart from the humble Buggy the Clown and Don Krieg.

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