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Weaknesses of Eren Yeager

Weaknesses of Eren Yeager

Weaknesses of Eren Yeager, – Weaknesses of Eren Yeager in the anime Attack On Titan. Because something big will happen in the final chapter of this anime by Hajime Isayama. In episode 2 of Attack On Titan Season 4 part 2, you can see Eren in Titan form trying to approach Zeke.

Even when Eren’s condition was not well, he forced himself to approach the older brother from a different mother. What exactly will happen when the two meet? Yep, that’s right, if Eren and Zeke touch each other, a Founding Titan will appear.

It turns out that this is the Weakness of Founding Titan Eren Yeager

Founding Titan Eren Yeager also has weaknesses, what are they?

First, from the Attack On Titan Final Season part 2 episode 2 scene, one of Founding Titan Eren’s pure weaknesses can be seen. This friend of Mikasa and Armin cannot awaken true power alone. Because Eren’s Founding Titan must have royal blood to be able to activate its full power. If you don’t have one, you should at least come into contact with someone with royal blood.

Second, the Founding Titan Eren only has the power to control the Titans, including the Wall Titan, who has been sleeping behind the walls of Paradise Island. As the strongest Titan, it seems that Founding Titan Eren only has thunderous power. In contrast to its predecessor who can manipulate the minds of many people.

Do you still remember why the King on Heaven Island said that they are the only humans living in this world realm? This was due to the Founding Titan’s power manipulating the memories of all the Elders.

Third, large body size is not an advantage for Founding Titan Eren. Why? Because it doesn’t suit the abilities of the protagonist and antagonist of the Attack On Titan anime. Eren when he turned into a Titan relied on his prowess in fist fighting. Even in Final Season episode 2 when fighting, Eren fought with his bare hands.

With the size of the Founding Titan’s large body, it is clear that its movements will be very slow and not suitable to be a fighter. Automatically this big body just becomes soft food for an attack. Because the resistance forces will know who to beat so that Eren’s attack can stop.

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Eren only lasted 13 years

Founding Titan Eren’s fourth weakness is that he can only live 13 years if he has mastered the power of the Founding Titan. Eren doesn’t want his true friends to die or have a short life, especially Mikasa and Armin. So Eren chose to have a short life and be of use to his friends and the Eldians. Because everything that Eren does later can finally be enjoyed by the Eldians and also their friends.

Weaknesses of Eren Yeager
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