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Who is Vegapunk’s Kidnapper?

Who is Vegapunk’s Kidnapper, – Who is Vegapunk’s kidnapper? There are several characters who are suspected of being perpetrators of Vegapunk’s kidnapper. Especially in One Piece Chapter 1076. Many terrible things happened, such as the attack on one of Vegapunk’s satellites. What’s even worse is that in chapter 1076 it is known that Vegapunk … Read more

York’s Betrayal Revealed Simultaneously and The Straw Hats Split

York’s Betrayal Revealed Simultaneously and The Straw Hats Split, – One Piece in episode 1078 titled “Neo MADs Founded”. The cover story shows Vinsmoke Judge and Caesar Clown holding hands. The soldiers from Germa 66 join in the celebration. But that’s not the case with Vinsmoke Reiju and Ichiji who seem disappointed with the … Read more

Vegapunk there are 6 Clones x One Piece

Vegapunk there are 6 Clones, – Vegapunk in One Piece is a scientist who is believed to be able to divide himself. So he has several clones. The reason is, no one knows how he split himself to create some of these clones. His intelligence is beyond reason, even Vegapunk has several clone names. … Read more